Emergency Dentist Boca Raton

Emergency Dentist Boca Raton

Mark W. Ericsson D.M.D.

(Recipient Of American Association Of Endodontists Award)

Emergency situations involving teeth are common. Almost every human being will encounter a Dental Emergency some time in their life. For this reason, I believe dentists have a moral and ethical responsibility to be available to our patients in their time of need. This is why I openly publish and give access to my personal cell phone number. I have been treating Dental Emergencies in Boca Raton for over 30 years. During that time, I have treated over 30,000 patients. Many of my long time patients still recount how I came in to help them on a holiday, a weekend, or a late night. When a patient has dental pain, the hand that relieves that pain is never forgotten. A friendship and a trust is born. Dental Pain can be excruciating. At Ericsson Dental, we seek to deliver prompt and effective relief in all Dental Emergency situations. There are many potential causes of pain in the mouth. The most common origins of which involve either a dying tooth nerve or an infected tooth.

Common Causes of Oral Pain

  • Abscessed Tooth with dying or non-vital nerve
  • Tooth with Inflamed Nerve
  • Broken or Cracked Tooth or Restoration
  • Decayed Tooth (“Cavity”)
  • Periodontal Abscess (Gum Infection)
  • Emergency Broken Denture Repair
  • TMD /TMJ Pain (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction)
  • Dental / Facial Trauma



Emergency Abscessed Tooth Boca Raton

A tooth becomes abscessed when the nerve of a tooth dies. “Tooth Nerve Death” can happen from several causes. The most common cause of an Abscessed Tooth is from Deep Tooth Decay (commonly referred to as a “Cavity”). Tooth Decay is the result of bacterial degradation of the tooth structure (enamel and dentin). When bacteria are allowed to colonize on a tooth surface for a significant amount of time, the human tooth structure decalcifies and dissolves. If this dissolution of tooth structure is not diagnosed and restored in a timely fashion by a dentist, tooth death occurs when the “Cavity” reaches the Nerve Chamber located deep inside the tooth. Once the tooth has died, opportunistic bacteria can populate the nerve chamber (located deep inside the tooth). The human immune system in response to this bacterial invasion will from an abscess at the apex (end of the tooth) in response to the bacterial invaders. A Tooth Abscess can be an excruciatingly uncomfortable experience. Swelling around the tooth, elevated temperature, and severe pain  are common symptoms. If not treated in a timely manner with either a Emergency Root Canal or an Emergency Tooth Extraction, the Infection can spread and potentially cause more serious health problems. Additionally, an Antibiotic is often administered.

                            Emergency Abscessed Tooth Treatment Boca Raton

  • Root Canal
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Antibiotic Administration

                                       Emergency Root Canal Boca Raton


Emergency Root Canal is the preferred and most commonly chosen option for treating an Abscessed Tooth. ROOT CANAL TREATMENT PROVIDES AN OPTION OF TREATING THE BACTERIAL INFECTION AND PRESERVING YOUR TOOTH. At Ericsson Dental, we have performed well over 10,000 Root Canals In Boca Raton over the last 30 years with exemplary success rates. Overwhelmingly, in most cases, our Root Canal Treatments are performed with little or no discomfort. The basic process of a Root Canal is to remove (file out) the contents of the Root Canal Chamber (deep within the tooth) and seal the canal. The total procedure is usually completed in two appointments.

The first appointment of Root Canal Therapy is usually the “Dental Emergency Appointment”. In your time of need, I try respond whenever possible. This has been our policy and practice philosophy for 30 years. Upon arriving at Ericsson Dental, we will seek to alleviate your pain as soon as possible. Anesthetic (commonly referred to as “Novocaine” is not just “given” at Ericsson Dental, ANESTHETIC IS STRATEGICALLY ADMINISTERED. We have several modalities and techniques in administering anesthetic COMFORTABLY and EFFECTIVELY. Administering Dental Anesthesia is an art form. It cannot be completely taught. Comfortable anesthetic administration is a function of steady hand-eye coordination, patience, technique, and experience. One of the most feared aspects of Dentistry is the “shot”. It never ceases to amaze me how much our injection techniques benefit our practice. Too often, dentists are in a rush to administer the anesthesia without compassion. This is particularly important when treating children. A child in the hands of a “rough dental provider” for one bad experience can become forever fearful throughout their entire life. Dentists have a responsibility to provide EFFECTIVE, COMPASSIONATE, and EMPATHETIC CARE.

The main mission on the first appointment of a root canal is to relieve the pain and pressure associated with an Abscessed Tooth. This is accomplished by opening the nerve chamber and allowing for drainage to occur. This procedure is proceeded with effective anesthesia administration to eliminate any patient discomfort during the procedure. In the first appointment, the “ Nerve Chamber” is cleaned by mechanical and chemical techniques. At Ericsson Dental, only the highest quality “Calibrated Files” are used to remove the diseased / necrotic nerve tissue. ROOT CANAL FILES ARE NEVER RE-USED AT ERICSSON DENTAL (Although more costly, using new files on a one time basis greatly reduces the risk of “File Breakage” and lowers cross contamination risk). The “working length” of the Root is located with THE MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED ELECTRONIC APEX LOCATION EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE. Following this mechanical debridement by files, ULTRASONIC/MULTISONIC TECHNOLOGY is used with hydrogen peroxide to effectively clean and debride the “Root Canal System”. Finally, a decision is made whether to place a temporary in the tooth or to leave the tooth open for a few days to allow continued drainage. At the second appointment, the Root Canal System is sealed with highly biocompatible materials. Subsequent appointments center on restoration of the tooth.

                                Emergency Tooth Extraction Boca Raton

In some Dental Emergency scenarios, Tooth Extraction becomes necessary. An Abscessed Tooth accompanied with excessive bone / tooth structure loss or a “Cracked Tooth Root” often requires extraction of the tooth to control and arrest a bacterial infection. I have performed thousands of extractions over my 30 year career. In the case of an infected tooth, antibiotics are often first administered before the extraction procedure is commenced. We always seek to achieve maximum comfort during all our dental procedures with effective anesthesia. In addition to regular injections, we strategically utilize the “INTRALIGAMENTARY INJECTION TECHNIQUE” to assist in achieving complete anesthesia. This technique is particularly helpful in achieving a “pain free” extraction experience. After the tooth extraction, the many Restorative Options are discussed with the patient to replace the tooth.

                         Emergency Inflamed Tooth Nerve In Boca Raton

Symptoms of an “Inflamed Tooth” are usually manifested by acute temperature sensitivity to hot or cold stimulus. At times, this can be an extremely

painful source of oral discomfort. During a Dental Emergency involving a inflamed tooth nerve, the tooth is Electronically Tested for sensitivity to accurately determine the origin of pain (which tooth is involved). This is accomplished with the MOST ACCURATE PULP TESTING EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE. The affected tooth is then clinically and radiographically evaluated.

There are many potential underlying causes of a Inflamed Tooth Nerve.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome is one such cause. Tooth Structure has “Microtubules” in which “Microfilaments” run. When a tooth is cracked, temperature changes alters the dimension of the tooth microscopically. This causes stimulus to the Microfilaments which can be perceived as severe “shooting tooth pains”. An Emergency Dentist can treat Cracked Tooth Syndrome with a Crown Preparation and Crown Temporary. A Permanent Crown is fabricated at a subsequent appointment once the tooth is re-evaluated. In some cases of “Profound Cracked Tooth Syndrome” (when the crack reaches the nerve chamber), Emergency Root Canal Treatment is required before the permanent Crown is cemented.

Deep Caries (deep “Cavity”) can also cause a tooth nerve to be inflamed. During a Dental Emergency involving deep caries, Decay removal and temporary filling placement is accomplished. In cases where the Decay reaches the nerve chamber, Emergency Root Canal is indicated. A permanent restoration is placed at a subsequent appointment.

Emergency Periodontal Abscess In Boca Raton

Teeth that have significant bone loss and/or “Vertical Bony Defects” surrounding them can form a “Periodontal Abscess”.  Although not as painful as a direct tooth nerve exposure, Periodontal Abscess can indeed cause significant patient discomfort and thereby necessitate Dental Emergency Treatment by an Emergency Dentist. In the instance of a Periodontal Abscess, Bacteria become hyper-resident between the tooth and gum / supporting bone. In minor periodontal cases, curettage (deep root scraping) in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide and Chlorhexidine irrigation can be a successful treatment approach. In more serious periodontal cases, Periodontal Surgery may be required. Periodontal Surgery is a Surgery which recontours the periodontal soft and hard tissues.

Emergency Broken Denture Repair In Boca Raton

A broken denture may not seem like a Dental Emergency to many observers however, it is certainly considered a Dental Emergency for the Denture Wearer. As an Emergency Dentist in Boca Raton, we as always seek to be Empathetic in the care of our patients at Ericsson Dental. A Denture becomes a very important part of a patient’s life. It affects how they look, socialize, and eat their food. Disruption of an elderly person’s eating ability for even short periods of time can have severe repercussions on a person’s health. Emergency Dentists in Boca Raton thereby have a responsibility to try to restore normal Denture function as soon as possible. Ericsson Dental has “IN HOUSE LAB CAPABILITIES” to quickly and effectively repair most Denture Emergencies in Boca Raton on short notice. We utilize the “Triad Denture Repair System” for a multitude of Emergency Denture Repairs. We also stock a variety of Replacement Teeth for Dentures. We also perform chairside Custom Denture Relines, New Custom Full Dentures, New Custom Partial Dentures, and implant Mounted Dentures.

Emergency TMJ / TMD Pain In Boca Raton

Few observers can ever appreciate the pain and discomfort experienced by patients with Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ /TMD) . This condition can cause multiple debilitating symptoms. Headaches, Ear Aches, Neck Aches, Back Aches, Toothaches, Jaw Ache, are just to name a few. In a TMJ /TMD Dental Emergency, Ericsson Dental has the “In House” Lab capability to fabricate a TMJ Treatment appliance (Night Guard / Splint) on day one. For this reason, Ericsson Dental is uniquely equipped to treat Emergency TMJ situations. We have treated thousands of TMJ related cases in the last 30 years. When dealing with TMJ Dysfunction, proper diagnosis and Treatment Planning must be performed by the Emergency Dentist. Because of the complexity of TMJ / TMD Diagnosis And Treatment Planning, Experience is an essential prerequisite for the Treating Emergency Dentist.

Dental Trauma Emergency In Boca Raton

In the unfortunate incident involving Trauma to the head, face, teeth, and gums, First call 911 or get to a local Emergency Room to be cleared by a physician for any potential facial or brain trauma (concussion). Once cleared, call us from the Emergency Room so we can devise an appropriate course of action. If the accident involves Avulsed Tooth (lost tooth), temporarily place the tooth between your cheek and gum to keep the tooth moist and call us immediately. If kept moist (best with the patient’s saliva), the tooth can be “replanted” back into the “socket” if done soon after being avulsed. Broken, “Chipped”, and Traumatized Teeth can be restored on the same day if the amount of Facial Trauma allows. After an accident or incident involving the teeth, patients are fearful they will “never look the same”. We try to compassionately reassure these patients that they can look as good and sometimes better than before. We have attained extensive experience in Dental Trauma cases over the last 30 years and we are ready to assist you in your time of need.

Dental Emergency Treatment Environment

“Comfort is King” at Ericsson Dental. As soon as you enter our waiting room you know you are in a warm and inviting place. Appointments are inviting and warm instead of cold and plastic. Our staff will quickly make you feel at home with an informal, gracious demeanor. This LOWERS STRESS before the patient is seated. Once the patient is brought to our treatment rooms, they know they are in a different type of dental office. Our treatment rooms are designed uniquely spaciously large by industry standards for comfort. COMFORT LOWERS STRESS FOR EVERYBODY DURING ANY DENTAL EMERGENCY. When the patient steps into a treatment room at Ericsson Dental, they will be greeted with 65 inch 4K televisions with “on Demand” internet content and NETFLIX. Soothing programming choices help to REMOVE the patient from the dental experience instead of “DROWNING” the patient’s in it as many dental offices do. All lighting in our operatories is “Indirect Reflective” to reduce stress. ALL INSTRUMENTS ARE STRATEGICALLY KEPT BEHIND THE PATIENT TO FURTHER REDUCE STRESS. At Ericsson Dental, after being seated, the patient’s attention is soon largely focused on the 4K Television instead of the Emergency. The Emergency is then quickly and efficiently and as comfortably addressed.

Location of Emergency Dentist Facility

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We are conveniently located at 4400 North Federal Highway Suite 176 in East Boca Raton between Spanish River an Yamato. Ericsson Dental is conveniently located for Highland Beach residents (just west of the Spanish River Bridge and north on Federal Highway). We are available to our existing patients and new patients whenever possible in Dental Emergency Situations. Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, and Evenings are all fair game at Ericsson Dental. In the event you are in need of an Emergency Dentist In Boca Raton, please call our office number 561-479-4000 (during hours)

or 561-271-0100 (after hours).

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