Partial Dentures Boca Raton

Are Partial Dentures Right For You?

Partial Dentures Boca Raton

No two dental patients have the same needs, and the same goes for their tooth replacement options. While many patients would like to fill in the gaps in their mouths with dental implants or another permanent option, some patients don’t qualify for the procedure, and as such, will need partial dentures instead. At Ericsson Dental, we understand the care and sensitivity needed when putting in partial dentures, and we can help you get your own set to create the perfect smile, no matter your age or your needs.

What are partial dentures, and how can they help you?

Partial dentures are crafted out of a removable denture bridge that is used to bridge the gap between two or more teeth in the mouth. Crowns are placed on the teeth immediately before the gap that exists in the upper, or lower, jaw, and the partial dentures are then cemented into place.

This option is good for people who wish to fill the gap between their teeth, but either cannot afford the financial expenditure required for dental implants, or who otherwise don’t qualify for dental implants for medical reasons (usually because there is not enough bone in the jaw to accept either the implant or a transplant of bone marrow).

Patients who get partial dentures find that they can easily adjust to the piece being in their mouth. Many patients report that they experience a level of discomfort with a larger denture, or one that takes up the whole bottom portion of their mouth. This discomfort, however, is nearly non-existent with their partial counterparts.

Best of all, this option is expandable. In other words, if you lose more teeth and you need to add more to your existing dentures, you can do so. And it’s easy to care for these dentures – just clean them as you would any other dentures.

When it comes to teeth replacement, no two patients have the exact same needs, so it’s important to come into the Ericsson Dental offices to schedule an appointment so we can decide which option is best for you. For more information about us and our services, including how our partial dentures can help you, contact us today.

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