Root Canal Treatment in Boca Raton

Root Canal Treatment in Boca Raton

Root Canal

A root canal is one of the most commonly performed dental procedures in the United States. This procedure can repair your natural teeth from damage that has been done to the root as a result of decay or injury, preventing the loss of the tooth and the need for more extensive treatments, such as dental implants or dentures.

At the center of every tooth is pulp, or the collection of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues. The pulp helps to grow the tooth. When the pulp becomes infected, either by trauma to the tooth or decay, it can cause significant damage to the root, which can cause swelling and significant pain. If left untreated, the infected pulp can eventually lead to tooth loss.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that involves the removal of infected tooth pulp. During the procedure, the diseased pulp is removed, the canal system is cleaned and then it is sealed to prevent further damage to the tooth.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

There is a lot of misconception regarding root canals. Many people are under the impression that this procedure causes a tremendous amount of pain; however, modern techniques actually make this dental procedure very much like a routine dental filling.

During the procedure, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area. A nitrous oxide analgesia may also be administered, if the patient would like. Once the area is numbed and the patient has assured his or her comfort, the procedure will begin. Generally, the procedure can be completed in one or two visits.

The Benefits of a Root Canal

The benefits of root canal therapy are many and include:

  • Saving the tooth and preventing the need for further and more complex dental treatments
  • Reduced pain
  • Restored function of the tooth, including chewing and speaking
  • Protects surrounding teeth from excessive wear that may occur as a result of the inability to properly bite down on the affected tooth

What Happens After a Root Canal?

After a root canal procedure has been completed, you will need to visit your dentist to have the affected tooth assessed. Your dentist will determine if the root canal was successful, or if further treatment is necessary. Should you require additional treatment, your dentist will discuss the options that are available to you. These options may include another root canal, extraction of the affected tooth, or perhaps restorative dentistry.

At Ericsson Dental in Boca Raton, FL, Dr. Ericsson uses the most advanced techniques to ensure his patients are completely comfortable during root canal procedures. He also makes sure that all of the tools that he uses during dental work are hidden to reduce any anxiety that his patients may be feeling. He has performed countless root canals with a high success rate, thus helping to improve the function of his patients’ teeth, preventing further damage to the affected and/or surrounding teeth, and restoring their comfort.

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