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This summer my wife and I both completed full mouth reconstructions with Dr. Mark Ericsson. Neither of us had compelling dental issues that required this procedure, but being in our early 60’s and just passing our 41st wedding anniversary, this was a great gift to share. And the small difference in costs compared to correcting a variety of aging dental work now and later made the decision easy. The staff at Dr. Ericsson’s office are a joy to spend time with and although the procedure involves several visits the time in the chair is relaxed. There was never any discomfort and our experience at every step was the priority of the entire office. Our results are impressive. Natural age appropriate. Friends aren’t exactly sure why we look so good, but clearly we enjoy smiling more and accepting their compliments. And if we do share the details of our dental work, they consistently comment on the artistry of the doctor. With Our Thanks, Andy and Connie Hall
Andy and Connie Hall

Dr. Mark Ericsson has taken care of my dental needs for 22 Years. In that time, I have enjoyed the best dental care in my entire life. He has not simply practiced excellent dental medicine, but has never been farther than a phone call away to accommodate my busy professional responsibilities. Dr. Mark Ericsson has always been exceedingly prepared to see me at the ring of a telephone; day or night. The consummate dental professional. Dr. Joanne Marlowe
Dr. Joanne Marlowe

Dr. Mark Ericsson has been seeing me as a dental patient for 20 + years. He has been & “IS” the epitome of sound & excellent dental care. His dental skills are unquestionable, steadfast & from this observer’s viewpoint, unmatched in the entire Southeast United States. Colonel (Dr.) Jamie E. Marlowe, U. S. Army, ( Ret) United States Army Medical Department
Colonel (Dr.) Jamie E. Marlowe – United States Army Medical Department

My name is Richard Herman of Highland Beach Florida. I needed a lot of work on my teeth due infection. Not knowing any Dentists and understanding there are Dentists and there are Great Dentists, I sought recommendation of a close friend and enlisted the care of Mark W. Ericsson D.M.D. . It turned out to be the fantastic choice I needed for crowns, root anals etc. I found it a wonderful experience (if you can call Dental Work “wonderful”). Dr Ericsson seated me in his favorite chair and began to work. These are the highlights: 1) Dr. Ericsson gave me several Novacaine injections with NO PAIN. Hard to believe, unreal results. 2) In one appointment, Dr. Ericsson Performed 3 root canals, 5 Posts, and 6 Crowns, NO PAIN 3) Went home. NO PAIN that night or the next day. I was very happy and surprised of the outcome of Dr. Ericsson’s care. I cannot express in proper words. Great Pricing, Top Quality Dental Work with the latest equipment. I hope you try this Doctor. You will be pleased with the results Every Time. Richard S. Herman Highland Beach, Florida
Richard S. Herman – Highland Beach, Florida

Doctor Mark Ericsson has been my dentist for almost 20 years and been my wife’s Dentist for almost 30 years. He has taken care of us all this time with mostly maintenance dentistry. He encouraged me for the last 5 years to consider a major mouth overdo. I resisted only because I thought I was doing fine dentally…..but I have always considered myself a disaster cosmetically. My teeth & smile were truly ugly but functional. He said my teeth were just worn out. After all, I am 78 years old ! I then read an article somewhere that suggested that I put a small flashlight in my mouth and look through my teeth with a mirror. I tried this and found that I could see the light right through my front teeth. They were paper thin ! I could see right through them. There was no question that I completely worn out my still ugly, but presently functional teeth down to transparent nubs. At that point, I decided to do what he had suggested & proceed with many crowns, despite the cost. In 4 total visits he had completely crowned every tooth in my mouth. No pain, no general anesthesia, no problems. As a retired orthopedic surgeon, I know about and appreciate really good hand / eye coordination and skills as they are very necessary in orthopedic procedures. I observed, appreciated and admired these abilities in Mark. Not every dentist has these skills ! He has a real feel & talent for what he does and has excellent hand / eye coordination & skills……..Look at my pictures and see for yourself. The result is fantastic.I now have a very different and a nearly perfect mouth and smile. I do not have to be especially careful….. as I can still open a Corona with these new teeth…. Mark shutters, but I do not. The flashlight trick and Mark’s talent and hand/eye coordination worked for me. It was worth every penny. would I do it again? Definitely yes!
Douglas McCall – M.D. Jupiter Fl.

Dear Dr. Ericsson: We are writing to thank you and express our appreciation, for making the extensive dental work you recently completed on both of us such a pleasant experience. Contrary to general belief that a visit to a dentist is a dreaded by most, the friendly atmosphere, time and effort you took to explain in detail every procedure which would be best for each of us, and the alternative solutions as well, gave us complete trust in your advice and made every visit a pleasure to look forward to. Your Expertise and hard work are all part of the wonderful results. We can’t thank you enough for solving so many restorative problems and making us able to smile ! Sincerely, Earle and Janyce Riedel West Palm Beach, Fl.
Earle and Janyce Riedel – West Palm Beach, Fl.

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Mr. Orion

Dr. Ericsson is a consummate professional. Technique is everything, his genuine desire to minimize discomfort while restoring me to perfection keeps me coming back after 24 years. Thank you for my smile. Mrs. Lorna Yuzenas Boca Raton, Fl.
Mrs. Lorna Yuzenas – Boca Raton, Fl.

My father met Dr. Mark soon after he and my mother retired and moved from Michigan to Boca Raton in 1988. I would hear my parents talk about this young ‘kid” who could do wonders with their teeth. My dad loved how Mark would explain all the options and give his veritable advice. My mother just loved Mark and his sweet young wife Dr. Rosanna and how warm and welcome they made her feel when she came in, most times vulnerable and in pain. When I moved to the area a few years later, I just had trouble trusting someone younger than myself to know the intricacies of my extreme TMJ issues. I opted initially to go with the established and published “old expert” who knew his way around the growing TMJ industry names. After a few years of serious pain, rotating splint work, periodontal disease and decaying teeth, I decided to listen to my parents and check in with Dr. Mark. By this time I was a walking time bomb, a dental nightmare, my occlusion was frightening to feel on the inside and worse when I looked in the mirror. I kept my lips closed as much as possible and only smiled or laughed in the dark or when I could cover my mouth with my hand. What Dr. Mark proposed seemed radical at the time, but he spoke with honest confidence and that helped me believe it just might work. He was ahead of his time 20 years ago when he began my reconstruction. I continue to have health issues that require major dental adjustments and I trust Mark keeps abreast of medical information that impacts the future health and aesthetics of my mouth. He knows how to use state of the art information and materials to create each patient a personal masterpiece worn in their healthy smile. When he examines a case, I believe he sees possibilities and solutions. His words are straight and easy and you’ll know you can trust his advice and plans. Now I’m very happy Dr.Mark is younger than me. He is a superb scientist and artist and his craftsmanship has reached its prime time. But my parents would have told you that same thing 25 years ago. Debra Van Treese Boca Raton, Fl.
Debra V.T. – Boca Raton, Fl.

I cannot accurately describe my satisfaction with Dr. Ericsson’s work in my dental reconstruction without first complementing him on the extraordinary artisan-ship of my sisters new smile. Quite simply, my sister’s new smile is dazzling and it lights up wherever room she walks into. As with any procedure that improves appearance, my sister was bombarded with questions from friends and family alike regarding her experience in dental reconstruction. She was always courteous and spoke in glowing terms of Dr.Mark Ericsson and his staff. The best advertisement for a dentist is perhaps a flow of compliments from between a beautiful set of teeth. I have always been proud of my sister, and I was happy that she was happy to be receiving so many compliments. After Dr. Ericsson’s work had been unveiled in the first of many gatherings, my parents approached me tentatively asking if I would consider getting the same procedures. It was a bit of an awkward conversation, although I myself had to admit that I had a mediocre smile compared to others that I had seen. My teeth were thin and chipped and I had a deep bite that made my chin look weak. These were flaws that had bothered me, but like most people I had just gotten used to looking at them in the mirror, occasionally saying to myself, “Someday I’ll get around to fixing that. Like most people, I allowed other priorities to take place and “Someday” got further and further away. After my sister’s transformation and her description of her very pleasant experiences with Dr. Ericsson, it looked as if “Someday” was perhaps closer than I realized. What was more, I recently had been declared an expert in my field of employment and was expected to commit to a series of public speaking engagements and the occasional television interview. It’s one thing to buy a new tie that people say will bring out your eye color, it’s another thing to take a hard look at what you could improve and admit that you need a doctor’s assistance. Understanding my hesitation, my sister urged me to at least visit Dr. Ericsson for a consultation. My first impression was the pleasant mannerisms of Dr. Ericsson and the close relationship he has with his staff members. I later gained the understanding that Dr. Ericsson was a professional who wants to accommodate the patient he is treating as a whole person, rather than just sell a packaged product to an otherwise anonymous client. Within an hour, Dr. Ericsson described the problems I had outlined specifically what could be done to give me a “movie star smile that would look completely natural”, adjusting my bite and improving my facial symmetry. He also gave me a time table that would work around my hectic schedule. I committed myself to his care the next day, a bit frightened that “Someday” was here. Any discomfort I may have experienced was immediately tended to and rectified by Dr. Ericsson as he engaged me in conversation during the procedure explaining what he was doing and and what I could expect throughout my stay in his chair. He fitted me for temporaries over the next two days and explained the difficulties I could experience during eating while my permanent teeth were being crafted. He also took the time while showing me numerous color shades to choose from, to carefully explain which whites could best suit my impending smile. From his obvious magnitude of experience, Dr. Ericsson was answering questions that I hadn’t even thought to ask yet! I left his office with temporaries that were natural looking through his expert tailoring and were already a definite improvement over my former smile. Six weeks later, I was back in Dr.Ericsson’s chair having been greeted pleasantly by his now familiar staff, who seemed just as eager as I was to see the finished product. A mere few hours later, I had my new and vastly improved smile and was shaking Dr. Ericsson’s hand. They look and feel completely natural but a day has not gone by that friends, family, or co-workers do not complement me on my smile. I realize that I now smile more frequently in both my professional and personal life, eager to show off what Dr. Ericsson and his people accomplished. I recommend that anyone stop putting off their own “Someday” and rediscover the joy of smiling. Sincerely, Jack Collins New York, NY
Jack Collins – New York, NY

I had been reluctant to give a full smile for years due to several damaged, discolored, and misaligned teeth. In addition, over the course of 30 years, I had suffered with “TMJ” which included a “popping” in my jaw while chewing and chronic pain, which lasted for days at a time.This discomfort limited the types of foods I would choose to eat as I could not put full pressure when chewing. Dr. Ericsson’s knowledge and experience in identifying and correcting TMJ was great for me. In a minimal number of visits, and painlessly, I was relieved of any pain in my jaw. It no longer “popped” and I was able to exert full pressure when chewing food. My self esteem was uplifted in that I was no longer embarrassed to give a full and wide smile. The experience and treatment was pleasant and the doctors and staff were friendly and caring. I give Dr. Ericsson a “5 star plus rating” and my highest accolades. Louis Mercedes Boca Raton Fl.
Louis Mercedes – Boca Raton Fl.

Dear Dr. Ericsson, Just a note, to say thanks for a job well done. I must admit, I went through a couple of sleepless nights saying should I, or shouldn’t I ? That was the big question. The decision (at least for me) was made more difficult since I am would be considered a “seasoned” citizen at age 77. My teeth were certainly well worn and had a long lost their luster. The question: but was it worth the cost ? With encouragement from my wife, I elected to proceed. I can honestly say, that is one of the best decisions I have made. The results are truly miraculous. In one day, I have the teeth I had in my teens and 20’s. The compliments never stop coming. The results far exceeded my expectations and are well worth the expense. Sincerely, K.J. McCauley Boca Raton, Fl.
K.J. McCauley Boca Raton, Fl.

Dr. Ericsson: On February 2, 2015, my whole outlook on life changed for the better. I was sitting in the chair, with a shot of Novocaine, awaiting a filling, when you asked me, “how do you feel about your teeth?” I said, I always felt very self-conscious of them”. Imagine my surprise when you replied that you could fix them. You showed me some pictures of other people whose teeth you had corrected and I was totally amazed by the results. Then even more amazing, you asked how much time I had today. Two hours I said,to which you replied, “We could get started right now!” So, do I have to mortgage my house to pay for this ?” There I was sitting in the chair with my mouth numb and I had about 5 minutes to decide on this huge endeavor. You did mention that if I had the work done it would change my whole life from now on. Two hours later I walked out of your office with 6 temporary top teeth. They were nearly perfect. The very next day, I spent 3 hrs in the chair and you did ten of the bottom teeth. Amazingly, my top and bottom teeth finally met for the first time of my life. I didn’t have an “under bite” anymore. One week later, after my Cataract eye surgery you did the rest of my teeth and a root canal as well. Fast forward to April Fools Day! My new permanent teeth were put in They were perfect! WOW, it is difficult to describe my feelings. For the first time of my Life, I have perfect teeth. All I have to do now is learn to eat again and to live long enough to enjoy them. Thank you so much for making this happen.
Allen George King Boca Raton, Fl.

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