Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Should I have all my amalgam (Silver) fillings removed?


A: It has been shown conclusively that once hardened, Silver Fillings release an extremely low levels of Mercury. In fact, the levels released are far lower than the amount you would ingest by eating fish. In addition, more mercury is actually released during the removal process. So, my personal recommendation on old silver fillings is to leave them if they are intact and not an Esthetic problem. If the silver Filling is unsightly and/or failing (leaking), I recommend replacement.


Q: Are Porcelain Jacket Crowns (PJC’s) better than Porcelain Laminate Veneers (PLV’s)?


A: Both restorations have their indications. In certain prosthetic situations where there is very little room for a restoration, a PLV can be a valuable option. PLV’s can also be used to repair older failing restorations. However, on balance PJC’s are stronger and more reliable restorations that employ less marginal interface with the tooth and allow more prosthetic flexibility in orienting the tooth. Because of higher failure rates observed in PLV restorations, PJC’s are selected much more predominantly than PLV’s.


Q: Will the Teeth Whitening that my dentist performs harm my teeth?


A: A Professional Tooth Whitening is harmless as long as the procedure is performed properly with the proper materials and process. Ericsson Dental has been whitening teeth (In chair Arc Plasma process and Take Home Process) for over 30 years with outstanding results and no harm. Teeth Whitening is one of the most effective, safe and conservative Cosmetic Dentistry treatment options available.


Q: Will a Root Canal Hurt?


A: In most cases, Root Canals at Ericsson Dental are a relatively painless procedure. However, It is normal to be tender on the Root Canal Treated Tooth for a few days following the procedure. On balance though, the procedure is very tolerable and often doesn’t require post operative pain medication.


Q: Will Ericsson Dental see me 24 Hours a day for my Dental Work?


A:  In cases of Painful Dental Emergencies requiring an Emergency Dentist in Boca Raton, Dr. Ericsson tries to make himself available to his patients whenever possible.


Q: How Long will my Dental Crowns last?


A: The longevity of dental crowns can be lifetime. However, there are many factors that determine the life expectancy of a Crown. Diet, Oral Hygiene Compliance, Dental Cleaning, and Examination Compliance are important factors. Medications and /or medical conditions which reduce saliva can also dramatically reduce the longevity of the human dentition. At Ericsson Dental, we employ only the finest most accurate Dental Crowns and Dental Materials available to maximize Crown life. Many patients that we performed work on 30 years ago are still in service and intact. In cases of early Crown fracture and /or failure, Ericsson Dental always stands behind its work.


Q: Why doesn’t it hurt when Dr. Ericsson gives me a “shot”?


A: At Ericsson we “Strategically Administer” local anesthetic to minimize and/or eliminate discomfort during oral injections. For over 30 years, Dr Ericsson has been improving and refining the “Patient Dental Experience” for his patients. Dr Mark Ericsson is well known and appreciated among his patient for his painless injection techniques.


Q: Why do I feel so much more relaxed at Ericsson Dental than other Dental Offices?


A: At Ericsson Dental, we employ our principal of “Empathic Dentistry” in every procedure we perform. Put simply, We treat our patients the way we would like to be treated. From the minute you arrive, we prioritize getting the patient seated ON TIME. We know the patient’s time is important and valuable also. Once seated, we have the patient select a program from our wide choice of on-demand viewing media on one of our 65 inch OLED 4K TV’s. We learned many years ago that walls are boring to look at and don’t contribute to a calming dental experience. All lighting in Ericsson Dental operatories is “Indirect Reflective” to reduce stress and create a calming atmosphere. This design feature is employed in all Ericsson Dental treatment operatories. All instrumentation is kept behind and delivered from behind the patient to reduce anxiety. Last but not least, we prioritize efficiency and comfort in the delivery of all dental services that we perform.


Q: How many appointments and how much time does it take to have a Full Mouth Reconstruction (28 Crowns) performed at Ericsson Dental.


A: In most cases, it requires 4 to 5 appointments and approximately 20 Hours Of chair time. Lab time is usually 3 to 4 weeks.


Q: Does Ericsson Dental offer any financing options?


A: Yes, we accept “Care Credit” in which the patient gets 6 months of interest free financing.


Q: How often should I get Dental Cleanings ?


A: Almost all patients should have their teeth professionally cleaned and examined once every 6 months. Some patients that have Periodontal Disease History should be seen once every 3 to 4 months. Patients with an inability to perform adequate oral hygiene should also be seen more frequently.


Q: How many times a day should I brush my teeth?


A: Ideally after every meal. The most important time of the day to brush your teeth is before bedtime. Saliva flow goes down while sleeping. Anything which causes dry mouth conditions renders the teeth and gums more susceptible to disease and/or decay.


Q: How do I know if I Have Sleep Apnea?


A: Being Overweight is a major risk factor for Sleep Apnea. In addition, Snoring, High Blood Pressure, Fatigue, and Diabetes are all signs and symptoms of OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea). The only way to conclusively know if you have OSA is to have a Sleep Study performed.


Q: How long does Tooth Whitening last?


A: The human tooth is a porous structure. Over the course of our lives, dietary stains and age cause our teeth to yellow. Once your teeth are whitened, years of accumulated stain is oxidized (removed). For this reason, you will always have an Esthetic Benefit from whitening your teeth. However, as you reintroduce staining substances back into your mouth, you will experience some degree of relapse. When we perform our “Arc Plasma In Chair Whitening Process”, we like to follow up the procedure with a “Take Home Whitening Kit”. The Take Home Kit continues the inchair process for additional whitening and also aids in refreshing the whitening process. We recommend refreshing once every 4 to 6 months.


Q: How long do Dental Crowns Last?


A: The longevity of Dental Crowns largely depends on the quality of the restoration. The Fit, Accuracy, and Quality of the Restoration is of paramount importance. In addition, patient oral hygiene and diet are also important. As a general rule, avoid chewing hard candy, chewy candy, ice, and popcorn. If cared for properly, Quality Crowns can potentially last the entire life of the patient.


Q: I have pink healthy gums but my gums still bleed when I floss, why?


A: Blood Thinning medications and/or vitamins can be the culprit. Also, certain medical conditions such as hypothyroidism or blood count abnormalities can be to blame. A routine blood test can provide an answer.


Q: I have migraine headaches and earaches, could my teeth be to blame?


A: Yes, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction TMJ / TMD  can be to blame. Also, a Dental Abscess could be the culprit.


Q: I have Sinus problems on one side. Could my teeth be responsible?


A: Yes, a Dental Abscess in a Tooth right under the sinus can cause a sinus infection, elevated temperature, drainage, and pain.


Q: I have pains in my neck, could my teeth to blame?


A:. Possibly, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction TMJ / TMD can cause pain in the neck, face, ear, head, and/or jaw. We can evaluate and treat this condition at Ericsson Dental.


Q: I came down with “Bell’s Palsy”. Is it tooth related?


A: In my opinion, it could be. Every case of Bell’s Palsy I have encountered in over 30 years of Dental Practice had a coincident case of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction TMJ /TMD. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. In my opinion, inflammation spreads from the TMJ / TMD to the Facial Nerve causing swelling and damage to the nerve where it exits the lower back of the head. This is why sufferers of Bell’s Palsy get relief by applying ice to the lower back of the head over the Stylomastoid Foramen.

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