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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal (Endodontic) Treatment is a method of “saving” a tooth after the nerve of a tooth has been injured or infected. Each tooth in the human dentition has a nerve chamber (Root Canal) inside the tooth. This chamber or space is occupied by nerve tissue and blood supply. This nerve tissue and blood supply enters the tooth at the apex (end of root) of the tooth. In clinical cases of Dental or Tooth Trauma (Cracked Tooth) this nerve/blood supply can be severed causing death to the nerve of the tooth. Ultimately, this Dental Trauma can cause abscess formation. In cases of infection caused by deep decay of a tooth, the Root Canal can be violated by bacteria. This causes the Root Canal Chamber to be populated by bacteria. Ultimately,  this bacterial infestation of the Root Canal causes tooth death and abscess formation at the end (apex) and eventually around the root of the affected tooth.


Endodontic (Root Canal) Treatment Basics

Once the vitality of a tooth nerve is compromised, the accepted form of treatment is to perform a Root Canal ( Endodontic Treatment). In this treatment, the Root Canal is cleaned of its contents (necrotic or inflamed nerve tissue). The Root Canal is sequentially filed out ( with “Root Canal Files” ) by increasing one calibrated file size at a time. Subsequently, the cleaned canal is sealed. At Ericsson Dental, ENDODONTIC FILES ARE NEVER REUSED. Although costly, We believe Endodontic Treatment should always be performed with new files. Metal files which are reused are at much higher risk of breakage. In addition, Cross contamination risks are also higher with file re-use. Empathetic standards of care and Professionalism are “Job One” at Ericsson Dental.


Root Canal Treatment Technology

We employ several pieces of Technology for Root Canal Therapy. Over the past 30 years, we have treated well over 10,000 Root Canals with exceptionally high success rates.


  • We utilize the most advanced Electronic Apical Location Technology to to aid in accurately obturating ( file out and clean) the Root Canal System.
  • We use Ultrasonic/ Multisonic Technology to aid in cleaning debris from intricate anatomies of Root Canal Systems.
  • For diagnostics, we use the most advanced digital pulp testing equipment available to accurately assess the condition of the patient’s nerve and whether Root Canal Treatment is indicated in a given clinical scenario.
  • We use only the finest Technological Advanced Root Canal File designs and materials.

Emergency Root Canal Treatment Services in Boca Raton


As part of Ericsson Dental Emergency Services, we routinely render affordable and prompt relief for new and existing patients with our Emergency Root Canal Service. We are responsive to our patients in their time of discomfort whenever possible. As soon as you arrive to our office in any Dental Emergency, we seek to provide relief as soon as possible. Our anesthetic injections are not just “given” to stop pain before and during an Emergency Endodontic Dental Treatment , “INJECTIONS ARE STRATEGICALLY ADMINISTERED” for maximum comfort of the patient in any given Emergency Dental scenario. Our treatment rooms are spacious and designed to reduce the stress and discomfort associated with any Dental Pain situation. Instruments are intentionally, thoughtfully and strategically kept behind the patient in a rear delivery format to reduce anxiety. 65 inch 4K OLED Televisions with “on demand media” are designed to quickly de-stress the patient experience. Indirect operatory room lighting is also designed to reduce patient stress. Upon entry of our office waiting room, patients experience an environment more like a living room at home than a dental office. At Ericsson Dental, we are always seeking to maximize patient comfort mentally and physically for a better overall patient experience. By choosing Ericsson Dental, you are choosing a family owned and operated dental team with over 30 years Emergency Dentist experience. In the event of any Dental Emergency in Boca Raton ( Dental Trauma or Dental Infection) , call our Boca Raton Emergency Dentist Hotline at 561-271-0100 to talk directly to Dr. Ericsson.

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