Full Mouth Reconstruction: The Process

Full Mouth Reconstruction: The Process

A full mouth reconstruction can seem like a scary and daunting procedure. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. In as little as four visits, you can have a perfect smile! This won’t be a cosmetic fix. It repairs oral health and ensures that your mouth not only feels and looks great, but it’s also functioning at its best. This will do wonders for your health, not just in your mouth but overall. Not only will chipped or broken teeth be fixed, but also missing teeth, cavities and loss of tooth enamel. You will have a brand new mouth and the boost of confidence it brings. You will feel better about your smile and your health, all in one swift kick!

What Does a Full Mouth Restoration Entail?

A full mouth reconstruction will require an assessment from your dentist. They will be able to tailor treatment to your needs. Everyone’s mouth is different, and you don’t want someone who just uses a template treatment. Your mouth deserves a customized plan that maximizes your benefits and minimizes your pain and expenditure. Some common procedures that are involved in a full mouth restoration are:


These will cover any damaged teeth. They will supplement the tooth so that you can chew easier and with more comfort. The fact that they make your smile look better is just a bonus. Crowns will allow you to keep as much of your tooth as you can and still be able to use it the way you should.
Dental Implants- Covering any spaces of missing teeth isn’t just an aesthetic fix. Chewing without implants may be painful and can have long term effects. Dental implants are an easy fix to that problem that will appear to be just another tooth. Nobody will know that your implants aren’t a natural tooth unless you tell them. And you will forget, yourself!


Restoring teeth to their normal function is something that you may not realize the benefits of. However, it will prevent further decay and damage. And that will make you happier in the long run. You will experience less pain and stronger spirit.

Oral Surgery

Whether you have an overbite, an underbite or impacted teeth; Oral Surgery can be very beneficial. Most people are more afraid of the pain than they are about any adverse effects. The word surgery evokes images of pain, but not the necessary outcome. This doesn’t have to be a concern since we can make it as painless as possible. Correcting these problems can make your teeth healthier, your beautiful pearly whites will be a bonus.

Root Canals

Saving damaged teeth with severe impairment can be advantageous to the natural biome of your mouth. You will want to keep any teeth you can, and this procedure can help your dentist get a closer look at the tooth loss or infection. They will also be able to let you know if there is any nerve damage. If this is the case, it may need to be extracted. The tooth may also need to be removed. This is when the procedure can go from root canal to dental implant. Your dentist will discuss options with you if this is the case. It sounds a lot more painful than it is and your dentist will be able to offer you choices that will numb the pain.

How a Dentist Performs a Full Mouth Reconstruction

You will need to make an appointment for an assessment. You can schedule a full mouth reconstruction appointment here. That will allow the dentist to get a good look at your mouth and figure out what you need to be done. Once they get a whole picture of the impairment, they can devise a treatment plan, and a course of action can be laid out. This is when you will find out which procedures will be done, in what order and when.

You can discuss any questions or concerns you may have, whether it’s about pain or recovery timelines. You will get an idea of what is going on in your mouth and the effect on your health after the full mouth reconstruction is complete. The sooner you find out what needs to be fixed, the less likely you are to stack on more problems. You’ll see that not only is it worth the time and money, but it is also an investment in yourself!

You can read more about full mouth reconstruction here. You will want to learn a little more about what is going on, while you wait for your appointment. This will help set your mind at ease. And it will give you time to think about how great your smile is going to look when the full mouth reconstruction is complete!


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