Root Canal: How Much Does It Really Hurt?

Root Canal: How Much Does It Really Hurt?

Root Canal Pain: A Complete Myth?

The term “root canal” sends shivers down many a dentist phobic’s spine. Endodontic treatment, more commonly known as the root canal treatment, is a necessary procedure for millions of people around the world. It is important for a patient to inform themselves about root canals, their benefits, their risks, and the process of the procedure itself. Your family dentist can answer any questions you have about your procedure, but some truths are readily available for you here.

Fact: A little pain is normal.

If you go in for a root canal procedure, chances are you are already in pain. An infection in the area causes inflammation that irritates the surrounding nerves and tissues. The endodontic procedure removes the inflamed pulp, effectively reducing the swelling. Your dentist uses a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding area, so the process itself is less irritating than the symptoms of infection.

However, for a few days after treatment, you may feel sensitivity around the operated area, so it’s unfair to say a root canal is completely “painless.” Your dentist may prescribe a mild pain reliever that reduces inflammation and prevents unnecessary discomfort after your root canal procedure. However, once completely healed you will no longer feel sensitivity to hot or cold through the tooth.

Fact: The procedure treats more than they cause pain.

The availability of modern techniques and anesthetics means your root canal procedure won’t hurt like endodontic treatments of the past. Today, the treatment is as routine as having a filling placed. Most patients feel no pain when going through the procedure. In fact, root canals repair the damage that causes pain.

When tissues in the tooth tear, crack or otherwise suffer from damage, a root canal removes the damaged area which in turn relieves the pain. Endodontic procedures also remove infected tooth pulp that causes painful inflammation. Overall, your root canal procedure treats more pain than it causes.


Fact: Root canal procedures save teeth.

Preserving your natural teeth ensures a higher quality of life. While artificial teeth technology provides great options for those that need them, your natural teeth always do the job best. Before going for the extraction option, consider a root canal treatment to save your teeth.

First, endodontic treatment is much more affordable than removal and replacement with a bridge or an implant. Root canal procedures are typically very successful and have lifetime-lasting results. Implants and bridges require lifetime maintenance and repairs to surrounding teeth.


Fact: Root canal procedures are safe.

The Internet is a treasure trove for outdated theories and conspiracies, so it is easy to find claims online stating that endodontic procedures contribute to illness. The basis of these claims lies in research conducted nearly 100 years ago in the 1920s. During this time, dentists believed disease sprouted from teeth, leading to many of an extraction in the name of “prevention.” In truth, this practice was about as useful as hirudotherapy.

The fact is, no researched evidence backs the claim that root canal-treated teeth contribute to disease or illness. Endodontic procedures are safe and remove infected tissue from the body. The procedure eliminates harmful bacteria, treating the cause of many diseases.


Fact: Look forward to more time in the dentist’s chair.

While an endodontic procedure requires less cost and upkeep than extraction and replacement, you still need to set aside time for follow-ups with your dentist. After your endodontic procedure, you need a crown or filling for the operated tooth or teeth. Post-root canal, your dentist fills the tooth’s cavity with a temporary pulp. They remove the temporary substance and replace it with a longer-lasting crown or filling that prevents further bacterial growth in the canal.


Boca Raton Root Canal Procedures At Ericsson Dental

For over 30 years, Ericsson Dental uses the most advanced techniques to safely and effectively treat patients’ dental issues. Whether you need a root canal procedure or a cosmetic touch up, Dr. Ericsson ensures the highest levels of comfort and care. Ericsson Dental’s track record for successful root canals is unparalleled with countless happy smiles walking out the door.

If you need a family dentist in Boca Raton, call Ericsson Dental today at 561-220-0047.


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