Four Problems that Lead to Severe Tooth Pain

Four Problems that Lead to Severe Tooth Pain

There’s not much in life that’s quite as painful as severe tooth pain. When your tooth hurts, everything seems to hurt. It even makes thinking difficult. If you’re wondering what’s causing that tooth pain, there are a few possibilities. These problems may be the cause of your severe tooth pain. And no matter what the cause is, you need to get help quickly.

Possible Causes of Severe Tooth Pain

1. An abscess

If you suffer from an abscess, you’ll know something is wrong. The pain that comes with a tooth abscess is one that is intense and lingering.

An abscess is caused by bacteria that enters an irritated or injured area of your mouth. That bacteria causes an infection, which may produce pus. If the pus has nowhere to go, your body forms a barrier around the infection. It makes a swollen bubble that will keep the infection from spreading. But that bubble comes at a price. The infected area becomes very swollen. And it can be very painful. It’s painful enough that most people with abscesses don’t hesitate to go in for treatment.

An abscess can happen in your gums after food gets stuck between your teeth and gums. Or, it can be inside your tooth. This type of abscess happens if your tooth is dead or in the process of dying. In any case, ignoring the pain can cause serious trouble. If an oral infection goes without treatment, your teeth and bone can be damaged. If you wait too long, you may not be able to save the tooth.

2. Cracked tooth

There are many different ways to get a cracked tooth. But all of them end with the same results – severe tooth pain. A cracked tooth is exactly what it sounds like. It happens when an event happens that physically cracks your tooth. Sometimes, it’s a result of a sports injury. If a mouthguard isn’t worn in a contact sport, it’s easy for a participant to crack a tooth after receiving a hit to the mouth. Chewing on hard food, like hard candy, can result in a cracked tooth. People who grind or clench their teeth are also at risk for cracking them. Exposing your enamel to extreme hot then cold (or vice versa) can also have the same effect.

It doesn’t matter how you crack your tooth. The symptoms are the same. You might have a very sharp pain every time you bite down. It may only be painful when you’re eating or drinking. When you bite down, the pressure makes the crack in your tooth open up. When it opens, your pulp is exposed. And your pulp contains nerves and vessels that can lead to your pain.

An untreated cracked tooth has many risks. You can do damage to the pulp, in which case you would need a root canal. The treatment depends on the size and placement of the crack.

3. Knocked out tooth

A knocked out tooth can be extremely painful. It most often happens in accidents and physical sports. Also known as an avulsion, it is a very serious medical emergency.

After a tooth has come out, there is already damage to the nerves, tissues, and blood vessels. There’s nothing you can do about the damage to the nerves and blood vessels. But you may be able to save the tooth.

To fix an avulsion, a dentist may be able to do a root canal. After the root canal, the bone may be able to attach once again to the tooth root. In both children and adults, there can be successful tooth reimplantation. However, that means getting help as quickly as possible. You need to take steps not to damage the tooth anymore. For example, you should avoid touching the root. If possible, you should store it in a glass of milk.

4. A loose tooth

Like a knocked out tooth, a loose tooth comes with its own troubles. Any blow to the face could result in a loose or misaligned tooth. It can be very painful and needs immediate dental work. Your best bet is to call an emergency dentist.

There are a few things you can do while you wait for an appointment. Lightly, you can try to put it back to its original position. If you bite down, you may be able to keep it from moving. You need to do your best to keep it from coming out.

Dealing With the Pain

There’s no reason to be tough about your tooth pain. In fact, trying to tough it out can be detrimental to your oral health. Putting off treatment can make the problem worse and lead to serious damage. You need to visit an emergency dentist to find out the cause of the problem and to get treatment immediately. Don’t hesitate to get the help you need. You can get rid of the pain and fix the problem with a qualified dentist.




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