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The History of Teeth Whitening

You may think that teeth whitening is a recent development. However, the process of whitening your teeth has been around for millennium. Bright white teeth have always been a sign of health, beauty, and wealth. For a long time, the process was only available to the wealthiest individuals. This article will take a look at

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Managing a Dental Emergency Until You Can See a Dentist

We have all been there, Friday evening your mouth starts to hurt. Your dentist’s office is already closed for the weekend. What can you do to hold you over until Monday morning? While there are some dental emergencies that you should call an emergency dentist about immediately, there are others that you can manage yourself

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8 Ways to Reduce Dental Anxiety

Many patients have a dental anxiety issue known as “White Coat,” which can be hard to avoid. It is a real syndrome for patients who exhibit blood pressure levels above the normal range, in a clinical setting. These patients do not display it in other environments; this means that there is a fraction of the population

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