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Dental Emergency FAQ

When you find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency, you might be overwhelmed with fear. You also might find yourself overwhelmed with questions. To prepare yourself for the worst, you can familiarize yourself with this dental emergency FAQ. It can help you understand when you need an emergency dentist, and how you should

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Diagnosing and Treating TMJ

You’ve been noticing some tightness in your jaw. Your dentist mentioned TMJ. You googled the term and have questions. Regardless of how you learned about it, understanding and treating TMJ is can lead to greater comfort in day-to-day activities. Physicians can help resolve the issue, but often this mysterious disorder resolves itself. What is TMJ? TMJ disorders,

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Four Problems that Lead to Severe Tooth Pain

There’s not much in life that’s quite as painful as severe tooth pain. When your tooth hurts, everything seems to hurt. It even makes thinking difficult. If you’re wondering what’s causing that tooth pain, there are a few possibilities. These problems may be the cause of your severe tooth pain. And no matter what the cause

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