8 Ways to Reduce Dental Anxiety

Many patients have a dental anxiety issue known as “White Coat,” which can be hard to avoid. It is a real syndrome for patients who exhibit blood pressure levels above the normal range, in a clinical setting. These patients do not display it in other environments; this means that there is a fraction of the population

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What Makes a Family Dentist Different?

 Selecting a dentist is an important decision. You need to see your dentist every six months. A good chance exists you’ll see him or her more than any other health care provider. You want your dentist to be someone you can trust, someone with whom you feel comfortable. One consideration is whether to choose a

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TMJ Common Causes and Treatments

TMJ Disorder: Symptoms, Severity, & Affects People experience TMJ disorder (TMD) differently. Typically, jaw pain, discomfort, and abnormalities such as popping signal defect of the temporomandibular joint. Your Boca Raton emergency dentist can help determine whether or not your symptoms need treatment. The temporomandibular joint is complex. Various muscles, bones, and ligaments hold it all together. The disc

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Root Canal: How Much Does It Really Hurt?

Root Canal Pain: A Complete Myth? The term “root canal” sends shivers down many a dentist phobic’s spine. Endodontic treatment, more commonly known as the root canal treatment, is a necessary procedure for millions of people around the world. It is important for a patient to inform themselves about root canals, their benefits, their risks,

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Top Four Reasons For Receiving Regular Dental Cleanings

Everyone wants their teeth looking the best they possibly can. When people look at other people, one of the first things they notice is their smiles. A key element of a strong smile is a shiny, straight set of teeth. The way to ensure your teeth are shining and as straight as possible is to

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3 Benefits of Receiving a Deep Dental Cleaning From Your Dentist

While most seek the help of dentists to ensure their pearly whites look the best as possible, few go to the necessary lengths to go above and beyond. Dental health is key, and featuring the best smile possible puts you ahead of all others. However important dentistry is to you, there remains far more for

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Fluoride in Toothpaste – Is it Good, or Bad?

Wondering about fluoride in toothpaste? If so, take a journey with me back to your childhood for a moment. For some, the trip will be pleasant, for others, less so. The destination? Your Dentists office. Cue the dramatic flashback music! I’m sure most of us can recall sitting in that super-cool space-age chair, swishing and

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Five Reasons to Get Wisdom Teeth Extraction Done

For all people, prioritizing dental care means prioritizing looking your best and living the healthiest way you can. Parts of dental health include orthodontics, dentistry, and more. Every once in a while, your teeth will need more work than you would like. Perhaps that means a root canal, a pulled tooth, or wisdom teeth extraction.

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Here Are 5 Signs You Might Need Dentures

Do you think you’re taking great care of your teeth? You might be in for a surprise. There may be issues lurking beneath the surface that you are unaware of. But if you practice good dental hygiene, visit the dentist on a regular basis and eat a well balanced healthy diet, you will be able

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6 Steps You Need to Take When Preparing for Periodontal Surgery

No one looks forward to getting periodontal surgery. But if you require emergency dental care Boca Raton or any other form of oral surgery, it is a necessity rather than an option. The problems you are trying to correct will not go away on their own. And until you undergo a procedure, your health and

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